Good Times at Highland Presbyterian


We had a great time playing for Dedication Sunday at Highland Presbyterian last weekend!  We've been there several times now and we really appreciate the warm reception we get.  This time, we had to keep things laid back and pretty calm until the end of the service, which was fine but a bit unusual for us.

But we were told not to hold back during the postlude, so we didn't!  We started with When The Saints Go Marching In, thinking people would be disappointed if we didn't play it.  Then we finished with what might be our new favorite song for church services- Jesus On The Mainline.

It's a pretty well known, gospel-type song, but I had never heard of it until about 3 years ago when I was playing a convention in New Orleans for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  There was a local jazz band there to play for the closing worship service, and they opened with Jesus On The Mainline.  People flipped out over it, including me!

I was determined to bring the song back to the Cats.  We tried it a few times prior to Sunday, but it was always lacking something- like sometimes happens in the kitchen.  But Sunday, we found the missing ingredient (still not sure what that was) and the tune had just the right flavor.  I hope the people of Highland were as happy about that tune as we were.

Either way, the room had a really nice, warm feeling and we enjoyed being there very much.

Up next for us is several weeks off for the holidays, then we'll get started again with Mardi Gras season.  In the meantime, if you haven't yet picked up a copy of our debut album "That's The Cats!", it's available here at our website and at CD Baby.  They make great stocking stuffers too!

Happy Holidays!

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